When should we replace your hearing aids?

When should we replace your hearing aids?

Hearing aids can last three to seven years, and some even longer. These life-affecting variables include how well the instrument is made, how well cared for, and the degree of wear and tear from wearing it in your ear for hours a day.

If a hearing aid is no longer working reliably, you may be a candidate for a new hearing aid, or at least for general repair. But there's another reason why, even if all goes well, you might want to make an appointment with your hearing care professional and consider upgrading it.

1. Change in your health: Remember that age-related hearing loss is a degenerative condition - it gets worse with age. Sometimes your hearing changes to the point where it is beyond the reach of your current hearing aid. You may need to upgrade to a more advanced tool or a tool with new features that reflect changing needs. Even a simple change in your health can change your ability to hear. If you can't replace the battery and have trouble opening the door, you may have a harder time getting a hearing aid.

2. Beyond repair: You might not put it on a soft towel or in the hearing aid case, but when your hearing aid breaks and you can't use it anymore, it's time to get it replaced. Water damage and the loss of your hearing aid are two of the most common reasons why a hearing aid may be damaged beyond repair. Hearing aids are very sensitive, so even a hard elbow can cause damage!

3. Lifestyle changes: Sometimes lifestyle changes can make you decide to buy a new hearing aid. You need hearing aids that keep you up to date, and the new hearing aids will help you with that. If you spend more time outdoors, next time you can choose a hearing aid that fits your ear.

4. Outdated technology: Most hearing aids have a shelf life of three to seven years. So if you've been using a hearing aid for more than five years, you can bet the technology is out of date and it's time for a change. Older hearing aids no longer function, as well as they, could and sometimes cannot be repaired because parts are no longer manufactured. The hearing aids that you can find in the market today are very sophisticated compared to the ability to connect to your phone. Deciding to upgrade your hearing aid after using it for more than five years is a wise decision and you can get even better features with a newer model.

With the above few reasons, one can know the right time to get their hearing aids replaced. And can get a better hearing, which in turn could help them with better communication with others. You can contact us as we provide Detail hearing testing in Delhi, Hearing aid Fitting & Programming in Delhi, speech therapy in Delhi and also assist you with hearing aids facilities. Can also search for Detail hearing testing in Noida, Hearing aid Fitting & Programming in Noida, speech therapy in Noida, Voice Therapy in Noida / Delhi, Stammering Therapy in Noida / Delhi to get your queries answered.

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