Voice Therapy

People develop voice problems for many reasons. The generic term is dysphonia . Dysphonia is characterized by altered vocal quality, pitch, loudness, or vocal effort.

Signs and symptoms of dysphonia include

Hearsaywell Speech and hearing clinic is professionally pioneer to deal such kind of problem. We are using PRAAT software to analyze voice problem. Doing detail assessment with the help of GRBAS (grade, roughness, breathiness, asthenia, strain) scale, Buffalo Voice Profile, Voice Handicap Index (VHI), OPM examination.

Hearsaywell Speech and hearing clinic is professionally equipped and dealt more than 1000 of voice disorder cases especially teachers / professional singers and others.

Doing voice therapy at clinic / online session and home visit to provide best services. Hearsaywell speech and hearing clinic provides Voice therapy session at our all platform like therapy at clinic / online session through Skype/Zoom/Whats-up etc and Home visits.


Q. What is voice therapy?
Ans- The aim of voice therapy is to eliminate problems with the creation of vocal sounds (phonation) in the larynx (voice box). Through Voice Therapy , we develop good and sustainable voice.

Q. Who needs voice therapy?
Ans- Voice therapy may be needed for adults and Childhood both.Especially voice therapy required in profession of teaching / singer / leader / public speaker / post stoke/ laryngeal cancer. Sometime after accident vocal cord affected. After laryngectomy, voice therapy also required. Reason of arises of Voice problem are Vocal Nodule / Vocal Polyp / Professional singer / Pupaphobia/ Hyper-functional voice Disorder (Vocal misuse) / Spasmodic Dysphonia / Phonatory Gap/ Vocal Cord Paralysis Etc.

Q. What happens in voice therapy?
Ans- A voice therapist work on different parameters which are affected through many laryngeal exercises that strengthen or heal your vocal cords and affected vocal muscles.

Q. What are the advantages of voice therapy?
Ans- Eliminate harmful vocal use & habits. Strengthen and coordinate the vocal folds. Create good quality of Voice.

Q. How long does it take for voice therapy to work?
Ans- It’s always variable. it totally depends on what is reason for creating voice problem and how much severity. In General, it takes approximately 14 hours of therapy, on average, to make meaningful gains in improving voice quality.

Q. When should I call the doctor?
Ans- Chronic hoarseness or wheezing, Loss of voice or breathy voice for several weeks. Felling tiredness after speaking. Your voice not audibles to others. If above some symptom are there then you should take consultation of qualified and experience Voice Therapist (Speech& Language Therapist).

Q. Are speech therapy and voice therapy the same?
Ans- Yes, Speech therapy is a term that encompasses a variety of therapies including voice therapy.

Q. Does insurance cover voice therapy?
Ans- Yes, Health Insurance plans in India provide coverage for speech therapy.

Q. Why is voice therapy recommended for hoarseness?
Ans- Voice Therapy helps prevent problems like hoarseness, laryngitis and lesions on vocal cord. Through voice Therapy, reduce hoarseness completely and voice quality improve.

Q. What is cost of voice disorders?
Ans- Cost of Voice Therapy varies and depend on Type of voice problem and Severity level. It varies from 5000 / to 20000/ in a month.

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