TELEREHABLITATION (Online Therapy) - Tele-practice is the application of Information and Communication Technology to the delivery of speech language pathology and Audiology professional services at a distance by linking clinician to client or clinician to clinician for assessment, intervention, and/or consultation.
Telerehabilitation (telerehab) offers cost-effective and Convenient way of services that potentially improving access to care for those who required speech therapy and not able to visit clinic.
Hearsaywell Speech and Hearing Clinic is very aggressively working on online speech and language Therapy in India and at International level. First time in India we are providing Group teletherapy sessions who suffering from stammering or any speech related disorders.

Telerehablitation Process



Telerehablitation Package


Q. Can speech therapy be done online?
Ans- Yes. speech therapy can be done online and it’s effective too. In case of both childhood as well as adulthood speech & language disorder, online speech Therapy can be done.

Q. How can I do speech therapy at home?
Ans- Yes you can do speech Therapy at home with help of Qualified Speech Therapist.

Q. What is virtual speech therapy?
Ans- Virtual Speech Therapy means online mode of Speech Therapy with help of Technologies.

Q. Who is a speech therapist?
Ans- Speech therapist or speech-language pathologists are trained personnel who work with children & Adult having speech-related disorders. They should have Qualifications like BASLP (Bachelor In audiology and speech language Pathology) / MSc. SLP (Master in Speech Language Pathology) /MASLP (Master in Speech language pathology and Audiology) and Ph.D. in speech & language. Better way to check CRR number (RCI registered SLPS)
Now a days many Quake who did ABA course or some diploma course and dealing speech disorders case. Be aware for this and check their qualification and experience on RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) website.

Q. What is meant by speech therapy?
Ans- Speech therapy is the assessment and treatment of communication problems and speech disorders like Delayed speech and language disorders (DSL) / Misarticulation / Stammering / Voice disorder/ Aphasia/ Dysarthria etc. Speech therapy should be always done by Qualified and experience Speech & Language Therapist. They should have Qualification like BASLP / MASLP/Msc. (SLP) /Ph.D. in Speech & Language.

Q. When should you consult a speech therapist?
Ans- When you notice that your child is fall behind, or when you notice they're not meeting milestones. You can take consultation to Experience and Qualified Speech and language Therapist.
In general child start speaking up to word level at age of 1 years and 2 words combination / phrases level at -the age of 2 years and sentences level and proper communication at 3 years of age.
The best age for speech therapy should be as early as possible. You should utilizes critical age (Neuroplasticity) of the child which vary from 0-3 / 0-5 years.

Q. What makes a good online speech?
Ans- Your vocal tone, volume, pitch, and energy should be as if you are presenting with a room full of people.

Q. Is online speech therapy effective?
Ans- The short answer is yes. There are many Evidence which showed Effectiveness of online speech & language Therapy (Tele Speech & Language Therapy).

Q. How can I improve my speech therapy at home?
Ans- Be relaxed and confident using relaxation exercises. Some warm up exercises for mouth. Use self-feedback strategies / Open mouth Approach / Listening training many more.

Q. What are speech therapy exercises?
Ans- There are Oro-Motor Exercises for strengthening Tongue/ lips/jaw etc.
1. Sticking Your Tongue Out
2. Moving Your Tongue from Side-To-Side
3. Moving Your Tongue Up and Down
4. Practice Smiling
5. Make oral pressure build up. Etc.

Q. What is cost of online speech therapy?
Ans- Cost of online speech Therapy are approximately same / less than in person Speech therapy Sessions. It always varies from 4000/- 14000/ in a month.

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