Stammering Therapy (Fluency Therapy)

Fluency disorder, commonly known as “stuttering” can be defined by primary and secondary behaviors. Primary behavior includes repetitions of sounds, whole words, and syllables, prolongations of single sounds, blockages of airflow or other speech-related issues. Secondary behavior, on the other hand, is developed with the advancement of time like loss of eye contact, frequent eye blinking / extraneous movement like hand movement / changes in facial grimaces / shoulder / body jerk / sweating in hand / teeth clinching etc.

Symptoms of Fluency Disorder Listed below are some common symptoms of fluency disorder:

It is very important to identify the fluency disorder at the right time; otherwise, you would be a victim of constant bullying, labeling, teasing, exclusion, and frustration. These are the worst experiences that can make you lack in self-confidence. As an outcome, they can become suspicious of their own abilities. It can also lead you to severe morale breakdown.

Hearsaywell Speech and Hearing Clinic first do detail assessment by using SSI , OPM Examination and SIT test . Treatment for fluency disorder varies from patient to patient and it totally depends on severity / age / need etc. In order to provide an effective fluency therapy, it is important to create a treatment plan and set up certain goals.

Hearsaywell Speech and Hearing Clinic offers individual, weekly group, and intensive group treatment programs for adults and teens who stutter. Our intensive treatment program is internationally recognized and is offered in only few clinics around the world. Our treatment approach is founded upon more than 10 years of research and experience in the area of stuttering.

We have provided therapy for over Thousand of individuals who stutter (ranging from 2-85 years of age) from across India, Nepal, Nigeria, Singapore, Dubai.

Hearsay well Speech and hearing first time in India had taken initiative of online group therapy session for stammering. We are providing lifetime membership for online group therapy session for public speaking / effective communication. Hearsaywell speech and hearing clinic provides therapy session at all platform like therapy at clinic / online session through Skype/Zoom/Whats-up etc and Home visits.


Q. What is the main reason for stammering?
Ans- There are many reasonsfor stammering. Sometime Stammering start due to hereditary (familyHistory) / Psychological / Neurological / Environmental. There are many theories who want to explain why stammering precipitate like capacity and Demand Theory. Thecauses for stammering are may be head injury, a stroke or a condition such as Parkinson's disease.

Q. What is the best treatment for stammering?
Ans- The best treatment for Stammering is Speech Therapy. There are many techniques to treat stammering like Modified air flow techniques / Soft Glottal attack / Relaxation etc.

Q. Can stammering be cured?
Ans- Yes, we can cure stammering completely. There are therapies and interventions which can help people manage their stammer and learn to speak fluently.

Q. Can stammering be cured medically?
Ans- No. There are very less evidence to cure for stuttering medically, although early treatment may stop childhood stuttering from persisting into adulthood.

Q. Is speech therapy good for stammering?
Ans- Yes. There are many evidence which showed speech Therapy is good for stammering. Early treatment for stuttering is always helpful and good to become fluent Speaker.

Q. What is cost of stammering Therapy?
Ans- Cost of stammering Therapy varies and depend on Type of stammering and Severity level. It varies from 4000 / to 14000/ in a month.

Stammering Therapy
Stammering Therapy
Stammering Therapy
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