Aphasia Therapy

Aphasia is an acquired impairment in the ability to speak, understand, read, or write. It results from a stroke or brain injury. A person with aphasia is able to perform intellectual functions like thinking, reasoning, and remembering, but has difficulty in using words for speaking, understanding, reading, or writing.

Stroke and aphasia can occur in people of all ages, castes, genders, body type (slim or fat), and regions.

Hearsaywell speech and Hearing clinic do first detail assessment by using WAB Test (in Hindi / English), OPM examination,

There are two general categories of therapies in Aphasia, and Hearsaywell speech and Hearing Clinic utilize both

Hearsay well Speech and Hearing Clinic offers intensive treatment program which is internationally recognized and is offered in only few clinics in India. Our treatment approach is founded upon more than 10 years of research and experience in the area of Aphasia/ Stroke.

Hearsay well Speech and Hearing Clinic have provided therapy of individuals who is having Aphasia/ Stroke (ranging from 30-80 years of age) from across India with good recovery of language with different level of severity and types of Aphasia.

We are providing Aphasia Therapy at our clinic, online and Home visit. In case of Stroke and Aphasia main problem are approachability and reaches , most of individual with stroke / Aphasia are bedridden / motor problem so hearsaywell speech and Hearing clinic breaking this big barrier and providing Home care Aphasia Therapy and online Therapy is become very useful for them .

Aphasia dysarthria therapy
Aphasia dysarthria therapy
Aphasia dysarthria therapy
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