What Our Patients Say


Mr.Leela Dhar Prasad Sinha(Age-82Yrs-Male) - Noida

Problem : Bilateral Severe Sensorineural Hearing loss

My father in law is having vision problem suffering from many old age diseases and bed ridden in addition to sudden hearing loss from both ear got tensed and he lost hope for life to live but due to Dr. Barkha, he got a new sense of hearing. Digital Hearing Aid fitting changed my father in law life and now we are able to communicate with him. Initially we are facing lot of difficulties due to this entire problem then suddenly loss of hearing created lot of difficulties, now with help of Hearing aids my father in law and our families able to communicate well .We all are very grateful to Dr. Barkha.


Dr. Sandip (Physiotherapist, USA)(Age- 65Yrs-Male) - New Delhi

Problem : Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis

My name is sandip and I was diagnosed with bilateral vocal cord paralysis and no voice just after my heart surgery. This was my second time heart Surgery. My voice was not audible and no one understand what I m telling. One day I went to shopkeeper and told to give cake but he was not understanding and due to this problem I was facing lot of difficulties even everyday normal conversation. After 10 session of voice therapy i got my voice. I am really happy with dr barkha gupta mam treatment. I will highly recommend her. Her treatment become magic for my life and when I got my voice back I gave surprise to Dr. barkha when I say good morning and it was audible to her�really grateful to her.


Mr.Vipul(Age-36-Yrs-Male) - Noida

Problem : Bilateral Moderately severe Sensor neural Hearing Loss

I was facing hearing loss in both ears & consulted Dr. Barkha for this. I get diagnosed, tested and get digital hearing aid fitted inside the ear in modern look. Here affordable to buy hearing aids with 30 months warranty and good services. I can recommend visiting Hearsay well for better services and affordable price.


Master Youvaan(Age-2.5Yrs-Male)-New Delhi

Problem : Delayed speech and language Development

My child is 2.5 yr ...he delayed in speech...doctor barkha said after 3 to 4 week you see the changes in Ur child... and trust me... day by day improvement in youvaan..it's like..will choose the right doctor to the right time....her behavior is like no others doctor....very friendly. Very calm...we will definitely recommend her for the new patient.


Mr.Sanjay verma(Age-60Yrs-Male)-Bokaro Steel City

Problem : Parkinsons

She has been motivating the patient a lot. Gives sufficient time to the patient. Dr. is very sober and gentle. I am presently taking online speech therapy from Barkha maam a lot of improvement.


Master Himaksh(Age-3.6Yrs-Male)-New Delhi

Problem : Autism

I am mother of Himaksh was really tensed due to my son got diagnosed with Autism and hopeless for his speech and behavioral issue . I visited many eminent doctors of Delhi all told not curable need to just carry on. I am Banker by profession was not possible to quit my job. I have taken help of my mother and finally met Dr Barkha Gupta .She has given me a lot of hope that my son one day will be fine enough to speak and join normal school. Finally become true after consistent efforts and regular speech therapy without fail. I am thankful to Maam. It�s the best clinic of Delhi


Mr. Bhargav Dutta(Age-3.9Yrs-Male)-Noida

Problem : ADHD

My 3 years 9 months son is having speaking problem. I consulted Hearsaywell clinic for that. Dr Barkha Gupta is a great therapist, she personally taking my child sessions and dealing with her speaking problem. She just picked up her mistake and helped me to recover them at home. Dr Barkha is daily suggesting me new ideas so that being parent how can I help my child at home. I believe that her ideas as speech therapist will definitely help my child to overcome from this problem. Staff is very cooperative and helpful. All appointments are taken on time. Thanks to Barkha mam.


Ms.Sabina Gandhi(Age-55Yrs-Male)-Noida

Problem : Aphasia/post Stroke

Dr Barkha is a very sweet, intelligent, friendly, confident and a very competent doctor. Her foremost priority is patient and his/her health. She sets goals and tries her best to complete them in desired time. She has all new techniques to cure the patient. Her staff is well trained and disciplined. Her attitude is very very positive. I am very much satisfied with the treatment given to my husband who is improving day by day with her speech therapy. Taking home care facility Thanks.


Ms.Reena Prasad, Teacher(Age-58Yrs-Female)-Noida

Problem : Voice Problem

I was much tensed due to voice problem and to remove voice problem I searched voice therapy center on internet. Then I saw hearsaywell speech therapy center at Noida at practo.com. I decided to go to the Voice therapy center and I met Ms. Barkha Gupta. I told every problem of my voice problem to Ms. Gupta. She is a nice lady and very good voice therapist. She tips me some exercise, I follow them and get better. Now I am more confident before. I have attended only two sessions, I got more improvement in my voice and I am confident to root out this problem. She has advised me online sessions due to COVID-19 lockdown . Thanks mam for such cooperation and guidance and making me confident in speaking. Thanks a lot.



Problem : Tele-rehabilitation

I am a 22 year old student who had mild stammering since early childhood. Visited Barkha maam for the same issue. As during this phase of lockdown, physical sessions were not possible so i tried out the digital platform for speech therapy conducted by maam. I have had just 10 sessions till date and saw tremendous improvement in my speech. All thanks to maam for boosting self confidence and for providing greats ways to overcome the problem. I highly recommend her to anyone who is facing similar issue!



Problem : Hearing Problem

My son is 20 year old and he was facing lot of problem in ear. He was listening ringing sound everytime. He was not able to concentrate in his studies. Slowly slowly these ringing sounds become more problematic. When I came to hearsaywell speech and hearing clinic, met Dr Barkha and she did detail testing and suggested tinnitus masker. Now he is good. Thanks to Dr Barkha mam. She is very nice and knowledgably. I will positively recommend her.


Ms.Vanita(Age-25Yrs-Female)-Greater Noida

Problem : Mild Stammering

I am 25 years old and I was suffering from mild stammering. So, i visited Barkha mam for the same issue. I just took 10-12 therapy sessions till date and i am seeing so fluency in my speech. Now i can speak confidently. All Thanks to Barkha mam for boosting self confidence. She is very co-operative and well experienced. I would recommend her for any speech related disorders. Thanks Mam for all your support.


Mr.Harshit, Data, Scientist(Age-22Yrs-Male)-Bareilly

Problem : Tele-rehabilitation

I have consulted Dr. Gupta for my stuttering. I have been suffering from fluency onset disorder, i.e., stuttering, since childhood. I am currently working as a data scientist and situational stress further exacerbates the symptoms of my stuttering. I have undertaken 24 online sessions from Barkha Ma'am and she has been more than patient and supportive of me. She guides me about pragmatic techniques that focus on easing my speech. In addition, she supervises the complete online session and motivates me from time to time to do better. I highly appreciate the concept of online sessions due to two main reasons: ease in attending the session from home and protection from the currently ongoing pandemic. Her inherent quality of patience and continuous hope helps me to believe that I can slowly but steadily overcome my stuttering.

To all the people staying at home in this pandemic, I want to remind a message by Swami Vivekananda that when we overcome a single flaw of ours, we become ahead of at least a million people. Stuttering is not a disease; it�s just a flaw that one can overcome by supervised speech therapy. The experience of the online sessions conducted by Hearsaywell Clinic is unique. And I highly recommend it to everyone who's suffering from any kind of speech disorder.


Miss Riya Bhola(Age-6Yrs-Female)-Delhi

Problem : Misarticulation

Experience is good, my daughter had attended just six classes there and after third day I feel changes in her talking. Before the classes she doesn't speak some words but after attending the classes she is able to talk that words and I recommend other people also if they have same problems with their child.


Master Khushan Bhagat(Age-19 Months-Male)-Noida

Problem : Expressive Language Delayed

I am mother of Khushan Dentist by profession tensed due to my son�s delayed speech problem and in this lockdown not willing to visit clinic as well. I have searched her on internet and contacted Dr. Barkha Gupta and after few sessions got the results. It was unbelievable experience through tele-rehabilitation.

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