Getting used to new hearing aids

Getting used to new hearing aids

Many of us first hesitate for trying anything new be it gadgets, technology, or any services, and getsurprised with the experiences we get after its usage. Similarly, it may surprise many of us, to know that it can take some time to learn and get used to hearing aids, especially if you've never worn them before. Along with learning how they work, you're also getting familiar with all the new sounds and stimuli that your brain has forgotten about in recent years. So your hearing care professional is the one to help you with your hearing aids care and other concerns.

What is the biggest change while using new hearing aids?

The biggest change one can notice is the change in one's voice. People need to keep one important piece of information in mind hearing aids will not exactly replicate the sound, how you used to hear before you had hearing loss. At first, you hear a sound of your voice, which may sound funny or unfamiliar, and also may sound louder than you'd like. Chewing and swallowingmay be especially noticeable. These sensations, which are annoying at first, will dissipate the more you wear your hearing aids. (If they don't, be sure to see your hearing care professional).

How to get used to new hearing aids? Few points to remember.

1. Gradual increase your Hearing Aids wearing Time (Adaptation): If you are first time user of hearing aids, gradual increase your Hearing Aids wearing Time. This way you will very nicely habituate to wear hearing aids. Let start wearing half hour 1st day then 1 hour 2nd day and so on. Within a week you become good habituation to wear hearing Aids. Within a week you will started to wear your hearing aids full day.

2. Start from home first: Start by wearing your hearing aids at home or in some calm and silent listening environments. Start with one-on-one conversations. Let your friends and family know you’re using your new hearing aids so they can help you in listening to more voices with patience and a calm mind. Reading loudly in the room or listening to any audiobook will be added benefits in understanding more words clearly.

3. Giving target or goals to oneself: The more you practice, the more you get familiar with the sounds with hearing aids, try to locate the sources of all the sounds in your environment.

4. Take breaks in between usage: Wear them for a few hours on the first day, then a few more hours every day after that. Gradually increase the number of hours but do give break in between so your mind can adjust to the new sound it hears every time.

5. Anticipating some frustration: If you haven't heard well in a few years, hearing aids will fill your ears with the sounds you didn't notice before, and it's frustrating sometimes. For example, the start of the A.C compressor —background noise that most people seldom notice—might seem very loud or unbearable with the new hearing aids and will take some time of getting used to it.


Without sound, communications are very difficult to sustain. As when we hear a particular sound then our brain tries to convert it into words and then speech or voice occurs. So if someone is having difficulty with speech, the reason sometimes could be the lack of proper hearing. So if you are searching for speech therapy in Delhi or looking to get some speech therapy in Noida you can connect to us.

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