Some Signs That Your Child Needs Speech Therapy

Some Signs That Your Child Needs Speech Therapy

As a parent, you must worry if your child isn't saying as many as 20 words when they are 18-months old. Also, it is known that every child develop at their pace, but it is important to consider their developmental milestones.

We recommend consulting speech therapist in Noida if your child is already showing signs of speech delay.

When Should You Consult A Speech Therapist?

Here are some common signs that your child requires speech therapy

1- Your Child Isn’t Babbling

A child should begin babbling between the ages of 4-months to 6-months. If your 7-month old isn’t babbling yet, then you must check with your pediatrician for auditory deficits.

If your child has proper auditory functions, then you must meet with a speech-language pathologist (SLP) to determine the course of action.

2- Your Child Has Been Stuttering

Stuttering is developed around 2-years of age and it can resemble normal disfluency in children, but is more frequent. Toddlers typically show very few or no secondary behaviors of stuttering.

3- Your Child Doesn’t Engage In Group Play

A child who prefers being alone or do not play with children of their age may have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Children with ASD may experience speech and language delays. Engaging in online speech therapy for kids early on can equip your child with the necessary skills.

4- Your Child’s Voice Is Inconsistent

If your child's voice is unusually hoarse or shrill; also your child may have a problem controlling the volume.

Infrequently, every child may suffer from a sore throat and hoarse voice. But if this continues for longer than a couple of weeks, you may need to consult a speech therapist.

5- Your Child Has Inconsistent Speech

Young children often have confused speech. Sometimes, they make up new words to express themselves.

Inconsistent speech may consist of the same word being spoken differently. For example, your child may want to say "bye," but they end up saying "tie," "pie," and "die."

These are the signs of childhood apraxia of speech (CAS). Early speech therapy may reduce the signs and symptoms later in life.

6- Your Child Doesn’t Point Or Gesture

By their first birthday, your child should point at things and wave to people. Some children gesture less often than others. But, if your child doesn't gesture at all, then talk to your pediatrician first.

The pediatrician might recommend speech-language pathologists (SLPs) or speech therapy in Delhi who can explore the possible causes.

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